Why a biographer? Because I can not paint.

I can not draw, never could. Unlike my father, a gifted graphic artist who created beautiful pictures, I still paint clumsy scrawls. But I can write, always have. At school, there was the odd short story first honors. Later I worked as an editor for a daily newspaper and published the series "People in our city", a daily new story about the life of pastors, bartenders, business owners, homeless and other people with a troubled past.

My writing life was followed by an Emmy Award for the Paramount documentary "Remembering World War II: Hitler - Man and Myth" for "Outstanding Achievement in writing". Then I became a copywriter. And sold the merchandise word in major advertising agencies in Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, for various customers both nationally and internationally. Again, there was a small award: Bronze Nail Art Directors Club. For one of the largest insurers in Germany, I developed a distinctive brand language together with the proper text manual.

Now, I am a freelance biographer and ghostwriter for entrepreneurs, athletes, actors, musicians and other exclusive personalities. Company biographies are also part of my portfolio.

For the best result, I use a professional network: excellent cover designer, photographer, layout office, lithography, printing and publishing house. From me, you get everything from one hand – so you do not have to worry about anything.

And your life as a book? Is just a phone call, an email, a first meeting away.